The ARTBLOVK GALLERY in Singapore highlights some of the popular and up and coming artists from around the region. Now, they are presenting their next exhibition, which is called HIVEMIND by sisters Amber and Nicole Chan.

So, what is HIVEMIND? Here’s how ARTBLOVK GALLERY describes it:

Yellow is a colour strongly associated with enlightenment and creativity, but also of danger, sickness and caution, a powerful metaphor in the experimental game concept HIVEMIND, now presented for the first time at ARTBLOVK GALLERY.

Amber Chan, a graduate from Nanyang polytechnic’s School of interactive and design media and participant in the Trident School of Information Technology game project in Nagoya, Japan, collaborated with her sister Nicole, also an arts aficionado to create a work about the theme of existentialism and social commentary on contemporary society.

Visitors to the exhibit space in Pearl’s Hill Terrace will be able to view a curious selection of pixel art assets and game design documents, along with an installation of the game video, an unconventional concept piece which aims to explore a bizarre world through a mix of gameplay and music.

They will hold the exhibition from 23 June until 16 July 2017 at 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #03-05. Entry is free to all visitors. Selected prints will be made available for sale with certificates of authenticity from the gallery and the artist.

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