The Japanese musical duo known as ClariS remains as one of the Japanese music industry’s biggest mysteries. This is largely because nobody really knows what they look like. On their concerts, they would only usually appear as silhouettes, and previously, they wore masks. However, it seems that the duo is revealing more and more of themselves as time goes by. During the “Music Theater 2017” event, the duo appeared and wore masks which reveal more of their faces.

The event was held last May, and Clara and Karen finally revealed more of their appearances. Yahoo! Japan Auctions user pakapakasoo sold photos from the concert and posted them online. He is selling these images for 1,700 yen.

However, commenters gave mixed reactions for these images. Many of whom weren’t satisfied, as they wanted to see the full faces of both members yet ClariS still wore masks. Others alleged that they are just generic good-looking women who were used to pose as ClariS, as they theorized that the real singers are actually ugly, and that’s the reason why they kept them a secret. In other words, they aren’t entirely convinced if this is really ClariS or not.

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