Good news Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, because Singapore-based movie distributor, ODEX Private Ltd., is bringing the magic of Fairy Tail the Movie: Dragon Cry into local cinemas. And they won’t just be releasing the movie in these three countries, but they are also giving the anime movie a special fan screening before the general release.

According to their Facebook page, they are now planning these special screening, but their status is still “To Be Confirmed”.

Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) will be screening the movie in Malaysia starting August 3, while SM Cinemas will be showing it in the Philippines starting August 9. Odex has tentatively scheduled the fan screening for both countries on July 29th.

Meanwhile, CGV, Cinemaxx, and Platinum will be showing the movie in Indonesia, though there is still no exact release date, as it will premiere sometime in July or August. Further details will be announced for the movie’s releases on these countries soon.

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