Sometimes, we shouldn’t really apply what we see in what we watch or read to real life. Even more so for most doujinshi, which have a reputation for the extreme when it comes to violence, gore, and of course, sex. As they say in the anime fandom, never mix 2D with 3D. However, one man in Japan tried to do in real life what he read in a doujin. Needless to say, he was arrested for alleged sexual assault of a minor.

Saitama prefectural police arrested Yuuya Yazaki (35) and charged him for obscenity. Yazaki claimed in his deposition that he was trying to imitate what he saw in a doujin manga. According to reports, the man was following a middle school student around and called out to her. The student’s mother then contacted police, who then arrested Yazaki in his home in Souka City, Saitama.

He was also arrested last year, but his actions were more severe last time. Yazaki allegedly pretended to be a radiation inspector and would go inside homes to check if there is radiation contamination. Once he’s inside, he would say that he needs to check the victim’s body physically for radiation harm. He would then threaten the victims if they reported to the police. His acts mirror a certain scenario from an adult doujin manga by a Tokyo-based illustrator, which he also admitted to be imitating. Police are currently investigating his involvement in 20 different incidences involving sexual assaults on minors ranging from elementary school age to middle school from May 2014 – March 2017.

The Police also claim that Yazaki may have used this Doujin-inspired modus operandi in eight different cases. As for the unnamed illustrator responsible for the doujin, police contacted him and told him about the incident. Needless to say, he was shocked. Police told him to “exercise consideration” when it comes to making his doujin stories, people might try to imitate it. The illustrated acknowledged their appeal.

Sources also state that “the police are considering sending similar appeals to creators when crimes imitating their stories occur again.” Always remember folks, if you read it in an adult doujinshi, don’t try to imitate it unless there’s consent or that person isn’t a minor, OK?

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Source: The Mainichi Shimbun , Saitama Shimbun via ANN

Image via Akihabara List


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