Kemono Friends has proven to be one of this year’s biggest runaway hits. The anime far exceeded expectations, and it is now reaping the rewards of its popularity. Now, the man who produced the anime, Yoshitada Fukuhara, makes an appeal for fans who watch illegally-streamed anime.

In his tweet, the producer asks all those watching illegally uploaded videos to stop watching them. He says they are not only a copyrights violation, but also doesn’t give money to the creators who actually deserve them. Illegally-uploaded anime usually get money from advertisers, and none of that money goes to the people who worked on anime. He then added that you don’t have to pay money to be a fan, but you can show your support by not watching illegally viewing sites.

Japan has recently stepped up its anti-piracy campaign, with their Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry now using automated methods, alongside humans, in order to seek out copyrighted videos that are uploaded illegally. Downloading anime via torrenting sites, as well as watching via unlicensed streaming sites, are considered illegal.

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