Gintama isn’t just getting a live-action movie, but also a live-action web series. It is based on the manga’s Mitsuba arc, which explores some backstory on two Shinsengumi members, Hijikata and Okita. Now, that web series is getting its very first trailer, which teases its story.

The web drama will follow the tragic relationship between Toshiro Hijikata and Mitsuba, Sougo Okita’s older sister. It takes a look back at why Okita and Hijikata have such a rocky relationship. Oh, and Gintoki put some hot sauce in his parfait which burned his mouth.

Docomo’s dTV streaming service will be showing the manga-based series starting July 15, the day after the live-action Gintama movie premieres, which is on July 14. It has the same cast as the movie, which means that Shun Oguri will also be playing Gintoki Sakata, Yuuya Yagira plays Toshiro Hijikata and Ryo Yoshizawa plays Okita. Actress Kii Katano plays Mitsuba.

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