The TV anime adaptation of Yuichiro Higashide’s Fate/Apocrypha novels is finally premiering next season, and as that new season approaches, they have revealed a brand new PV for the TV anime, as well as a new commercial. The PV introduces the masters participating in the new grail war which involves two factions at war with one another.

The story features an alternate story about a different Grail War. In the original Fate/Stay Night series, it was a battle royale between seven masters and their servants, however, in Fate/Apocrypha, it’s a faction war between seven masters and servants. This war is about the conflict between the Red Faction and the Black Faction, who are both vying to receive the power of the Holy Grail.

Charlotte’s Yoshiyuki Asai is directing the anime over at A-1 Pictures. It will premiere in Japan on July 2 at midnight, 12:00 am. It will also have exclusive streaming via Netflix starting July 3, 2017.

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