Shogakukan Asia has been teasing something regarding Detective Conan and the number 1412, and as it turns out, many of you guessed correctly! 1412 does refer to the one and only Kaito Kid himself! Shogakukan Asia has revealed that Detective Conan Kaito Kid Special Collection #1 & #2 are coming here to Southeast Asia.


The pint-sized detective takes on the phantom thief in a thrilling game of outwit, outplay and outbluff!

The Suzuki Conglomerate is hosting an exclusive party on the Q Selizabeth, unaware that Japan’s most notorious phantom thief, a.k.a. the Kaito Kid, is set on leaving the event with one very expensive party favour!!

Then six master detectives are invited to a manor to play a deadly mysterious game, hosted by none other than the Kid himself! But he wasn’t counting on a seventh kid detective gate-crashing the scene! Can Conan outsmart Kaito Kid at his own game?

The battle of wits begins in this two-part special!

Shogakukan Asia will be releasing the manga in English, and each copy will cost SG$10.90. They will be releasing both volumes simultaneously later this month.

Please check with you local bookstores or anime and manga shops for availability.

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