This is it folks, looks like the manga about Kazehaya and Sadako Sawako’s romance is about to end. This is because the Kimi ni Todoke manga is about to enter its final arc. But before that final arc happens, looks like mangaka Karuho Shiina will be taking a bit of a breather.

Bessatsu Margaret magazine revealed that the mangaka got a sudden illness before she was about to begin the final arc, so that’s why she’s taking a break this month. They were supposed to release it for the August 2017 edition, which was supposed to come out next month. But don’t worry though, Karuho Shiina will be back next month and in full health.

So, with the manga almost ending, what’s your favorite Kimi ni Todoke moments? Did you like the anime adaptation? How about the live-action version? One thing is for sure, and that’s a lot for fans will miss Sawako and the rest of the gang.

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Source: ANN


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