Japanese Life-size figure makers, FIGUREX, is also showering Re:Zero’s Ram some love with her own life-size figure. Sure,  she may not have gotten her own party/event or even cake for her birthday (because they all went to Rem), but the elder but less-popular of the Demon Maid Twins, Ram, is also getting her own life-size figure! FIGUREX, the same figure company which made the life-size Rem figure, has now revealed details on the Ram statue.

The statue measures in at 154cm and will cost a measly 1,480,000 yen! Pretty affordable! She also comes with a bluetooth speaker, which allows people to interact with her. Well, she does look like she’ll be showering you with insults like she usually does.

The statue itself will be sold between July 22 and August 22. However, as there will only be limited quantities, FIGUREX will be holding a special lottery to determine who gets the chance to buy Ram. People interested in joining the lottery can do so through this link

FIGUREX is a company which specializes in life-size anime figures, and they are the same company responsible for Ayase Aragaki’s risque life-size figure. They also made life-size figures of Mr. Osomatsu’s sextuplets and Non Non Biyori’s Renge.

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