Looks like we’re going back to Japari Park, because the cover for the 5th Kemono Friends Official Guidebook has confirmed that the anime will indeed have a second season. However, it also stated that it won’t be happening anytime soon, and they asked fans to “wait a little longer”.

The guidebook itself didn’t reveal much information, so expect that they will be announcing more details in the days to come. In the mean time, let’s all enjoy Kemono Friends’ lovable and now-iconic OP:

The anime is based on Nexon’s Kemono Friends smartphone game app, which tragically went out of service in December 2016, before the anime made its January 2017 premiere. However, the anime went on to become so popular that it revived the franchise and even became a meme.

So, when do you guys think season 2 will happen? Hopefully, it won’t go like Attack on Titan and make us wait for FOUR YEARS, right?

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Source: Comic Plaza


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