Japanese game developer, Square Enix, revealed their latest multimedia project, which is called Dia Horizon. The first part of this Multimedia Project will be a TV anime, which will begin airing in October 2017. The Japanese gaming giant also revealed a new PV for the project in its entirety.

Square Enix really didn’t reveal much about what Dia Horizon really is, but their president/ CEO Yosuke Matsuda described it as an ambitious work, and also said that it’s a “new experiment”.

Aside from the TV anime, this multimedia project will also be featured in various media. However, they really didn’t announce what the other media projects will be. But don’t worry though, as Square Enix will be running a live streaming event soon, and they promised to reveal more about this new franchise there.

So, what do you guys think this new franchise will include? Since this is Square Enix we’re talking about, many are already saying it’s a brand new video game. But until Square Enix reveals more details, we can only guess what they would be.

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