A new anime website has been launched, and it announces that Ryo Hanada’s vampire manga, Devils’ Line, is getting itself an anime adaptation. The website also reveals a new teaser visual which features the two leads, Tsukasa and Anzai.

The manga follows a college student named Tsukasa, who was attacked by a vampire known as a “Devil”. However, she is saved by Anzai, who turns out to be a half-devil member of a secret police organization which deals with these “Devils”. And as Anzai continues to guard Tsukasa, they quickly form a strong bond. However, this bond may be their undoing, as this really tests Anzai’s conviction not to drink blood.

So far, they haven’t released any further details. They are yet to reveal the anime’s format, staff, cast, and release period, so stay tuned for further announcements.

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Source: MOCA


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