It’s finally summer, and some of the new anime have already showed their respective premiere episodes. For this latest SGCAFE LIST, we are listing seven new anime which we think stood out so far.

For this list, we’re excluding new seasons or spin-offs of series which already have anime adaptations, such as Fate/Apocrypha, Touken Ranbu, and New Game. We’re also not counting anime which continued from last season, such as My Hero Academia and Re:Creators. We here at SGCafe put our heads together as we watched all the premiere episodes, and we looked at which ones stood out… so far at least. Here are our picks:


This new anime by Studio Mappa stood out not only because of its exciting premise and potential, but also Saori Hayami’s performance as Yumeko Jabami, the anime’s female lead. Her performance has that classy and reserved young lady feel at first, and then she’ll shift to being all batshit crazy in the blink of an eye. To top it all off, there’s all those crazy reaction faces from many of the anime’s characters. Definitely something to check out.

Hajimete no Gal

Now hear me out, at first, I thought this anime would be yet another meaningless ecchi anime released for the summer. Yes, it started out as one too! But then, they introduced the female lead, Yukana, and they really described her as that typical “gyaru character” who would sleep with anyone. And when the main character’s friends force him to ask her out in order to save him from his virginity, Yukana showed us that there’s a lot more to her. Sure, she said yes to a guy she found out is a complete perv, but somehow, there’s more that what meets the eye in this relationship of theirs, and that makes this anime stand out.

Aho Girl

There are plenty of comedy anime out there, but only a few can make our stomachs hurt. Just by making us genuinely laughing out loud until our stomachs hurt puts Aho Girl on this list. And our decision was pretty unanimous too!

Welcome to the Ballroom

It’s an anime about ballroom dancing, and more particularly, Dance Sport. So far, the anime features some pretty deep characterizations already, and somehow, it makes you wanna try ballroom dancing too. And much like the characters in the anime, you can’t help but just cheer for its main character, Tatara.

Knight’s & Magic

The Shota/trap main character aside, the anime keeps on making you want more. This is one of those anime with an “Isekai” or “alternate world” settings which mixes the elements of fantasy and magic with technology and giant robots. If you’re a mecha fan, or like to build robot plastic models, this one’s for you!

Restaurant to Another World

The Isekai or Alternate World setting, has been popping up a lot a whole lot more as of late. Because of that, very few fantasy anime stick out that much these days in a market dominated by Sword Art Online and Re:Zero. But somehow, Restaurant to Another World does exactly that. In a world dominated by fast-paced alternate world action and heartwarming romances, this anime hits you right in the stomach. Why? For one thing, it makes its viewers really hungry. The anime boasts some Shokugeki no Soma levels of anime food porn despite being in the fantasy genre. Now that’s something.


This anime features some of our favorite games and a whole lot of gaming references, and that has caught our attention. Couple that with some very interesting characters, and we’ve got a very interesting anime about gaming, school life, and yes, even romance.

Now, those are our picks. Just remember that we’re basing this all on their episodes which they have just aired so far (around episode 2 for some anime, and just the premiere episode for the others). Judging the series in their entirety would be a different case, as some of the anime not mentioned might pick up its pace on later episodes. Also, these picks are just based on the opinions of the members of the SGCafe staff members, so please, don’t sharpen those pitchforks and light those torches.

Anyway, did you guys agree with our picks? What anime did you guys think stood out?

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