Looks like Arc System Works is planning some major crossovers for their latest fighting game, as they announced BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle during EVO 2017. It will not only feature characters from Blazblue, but also from Persona, fellow 2D fighting game, Under Night In-Birth, and even RWBY!

While the PV only featured five characters in Ragna the Bloodedge (Blazblue), Jin Kisaragi (Blazblue), Yu Narukami (Persona). Hyde Kido (Under Night In-Birth), and Ruby Rose (RWBY), expect them to add even more characters in the days to come. Who knows, maybe we get to see even more dream matches lined up.

The video ends by teasing the game’s 2018 release, so expect more details to be announced along the way. So, which character do you want to see join the game?

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