Back in 2013, Sand artist Toshihiko Hosaka sculpted a massive 80-ton sand sculpture of the hulking Colossal Titan. Now, it looks like that sculpture is making its return. And like most sand sculptures, it only uses sand, water, and human skill. This is all to commemorate the release of the Attack on Titan manga’s Vol. 23 release. And hey, they even made a video about it.

The sculpture isn’t finished yet, bet it will measure in at about three meters in height. It will release more video updates on August 10, 13, and then 15 when Hosaka is expected to finish that sculpture of his.

The sculpture itself will go on display to the public once it is finished, but only until August 23. It will then be returned to the sea where it belongs. As for Attack on Titan Vol. 23, it goes on sale tomorrow, August 9, 2017. Oh, and some Game of Thrones characters also made a cameo as titans in the manga’s latest volume as well.

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Source: Comic Natalie


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