Game of Thrones is big, and so big that it has garnered millions of fans around the world. One of those fans is Hajime Isayama, the man behind Attack on Titan. Isayama just made it clear that he’s a huge Game of Thrones fan through one panel from Chapter 96, which features some very familiar faces from Game of Thrones.

Someone’s clearly a fanboy… and the sketches and fanarts in his own personal blog don’t help at all…

Well, he’s clearly a fan of Tyrion Lannister, Sir Jorah of Friendzone House Mormont, and the Onion Knight himself, Davos Seaworth. We just hope he doesn’t get too attached because if we know George R.R. Martin, a character dies once you get attached.

Oh no, I suddenly just realized that he might get some ideas of killing some beloved characters off… in fact, he’s already started!

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Source: Crunchyroll


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