We’ve heard it from anime fans all over the world time and time again – “Anime is my life, it’s the only thing I’m interested  in”. As usual, saying that will draw a lot of raised eyebrows and face palms, especially from people who think you’re some weird weeaboo with no life. And it seems that thinking that only having “interests in anime and manga” may lead people to have lonelier lives. Japanese dating site, Tora Con thinks so, and they cater to people with otaku interests!

Tora Con is a dating website run by Tora no Ana, one of Japan’s largest doujinshi and anime goods store. They cater exclusively for otaku, and they’re telling singles in a new tweet that sure, having interests in anime is great and all, but if you want to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, you should also have other interests as well.

Their tweet reads:

To those of you who say “The only things I want to do are otaku stuff,”

That sounds like a lot of fun, and we don’t deny your right to live that way. But…

What will you talk about when you run out of otaku stuff to talk about?
Where will you go on dates?
What will you talk to your partner’s parents about when you spend time with them?
When you have kids, how will you play with them? Will you push your hobbies onto them?
What will you do when you can’t do otaku stuff?

They have a point. If you wanna be in an actual relationship and want that relationship to last, you better adjust to not only your partner, but the people around him/her. And even of that person is also into anime, chances are that some of the people around him/her are not. The otaku dating site then added that “It’s fine to have otaku interests. Actually, it’s awesome! But speaking realistically, people who also have something else going for them are the ones most likely to form a successful relationship.”

The people over at Tora Con ain’t just fans of anime, but also dating experts, so listening to their advice might be a good idea.

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Source: Sora News 24


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