What if a young Yakuza member meets a super-powered school girl? Hilarity of course! And that’s the premise of the Yakuza comedy manga, Hinamatsuri by Masao Ohtake. Now, that hilarious comedy manga gets its own TV anime adaptation, and it will premiere in Spring 2018.

The manga follows a not-so-ordinary girl named Hina, who has a few powers. One day, she appears in the room of a young Yakuza member named Nitta, who she threatens with her own super powers. And after a hilarious turn of events, the two actually end up living together. Hilarity ensues.

While we already know that the new anime will premiere in Spring, not much is still known about it. It will announce more details, such as the cast, staff, key visual, and PVs in the days to come.

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Source: Comic Natalie


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