Green Bay Packers defensive end, Mike Daniels, is a huge fan of Dragon Ball. He ain’t even shy about that fact as he even grabbed fans’ attentions when he did a Kamehameha during an NFL game. And yes, he’s currently watching Dragon Ball Super it seems.


This little act in the middle of an American Football game has inspired artist Spencer Young to do a fence art for the Packers Fence on Lombardi Avenue in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It can be seen right across the Packers’ home turf of Lambeau Field stadium. The art features Daniels wearing Saiyan armor, as well as a scouter. It also features Clay Matthews III as the God of Thunder himself, Thor.

Young has been painting the Packers Fence since 2015, and every year, he changes up the design. And it seems that this ain’t the only painting by Young which portrays Daniels as a Saiyan. Apparently, the American Football player also has a different painting by Young in his home.

Looks like doing that Kamehameha in the middle of a game did wonders for the Packers Defensive End. They even won that game against the Seattle Seahawks when he did that Ki Attack!

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Source: ANN


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