The rental DVD version of Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale is now out in Japan, and it’s a bit different from the one we saw in theaters. One of the most talked-about additions is a teaser at the end of the movie, which looks like it will lead to the next story arc in SAO, which of course is Alicization.

Ordinal Scale supposedly takes place after the events of Mother’s Rosario, and right before Alicization. Viewers in Japan are now talking about the teaser, as it certainly hints that the next SAO anime will be about the Alicization arc.

Meanwhile, the home video version also delivers as promised when it comes to having a more revealing bath scene. Fans who have watched the DVD release have reported that “the shampoo bottle has moved” a bit and viewers can see more of the Sword Art Online main heroine. It wasn’t in the levels of High School DXD in terms of exposure, but the viewer can definitely get to see them.

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