Bandai Namco Asia has revealed that their Taiko Drum-based rhythm game is be heading for Southeast Asian PS4 consoles. And the best part is that it will be released on the same day as the game’s Japanese release on 26 October 2017. Check out its PV:

It will feature a variety of popular Japanese pop songs, as well as several Anisongs and video game theme songs. Here’s a few of the game’s other playable modes:

In addition to the basic choice of game difficulty and score system after “Performance Mode”, other Game Modes are available as follow:

Friend Session Mode

Add your family and friends on PSN, and you can play using their game completion and session data even when your friends or family is not present at home with you.

Guest Session Mode

Popular characters like “Hatsune Miku”, “Pac-man” and “Doraemon” will appear as guest characters to cheer on players! The dialogue and actions of the characters will change according to the performance result. Players can be entertained by the varied reactions when they re-play the songs.

※There may be some character voices that are not included in the localized version.

Taiko Rank Match Mode (online connection required)

Five matches will first be played to determine the player’s performance ability. Next, player will compete against ghost data of other players who have completed the song. Winners can accumulate awards and match points to upgrade their ranks. Enjoy performing and aim for the top rank!

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