In the Philippines, people consider Voltes V as a classic and is probably one of the most mainstream anime in the country… ever. It hit peak TV ratings success at 58%, which is big in of itself. Hey, the country even has collectors groups dedicated to just this one classic mecha anime, and karaokes even include the theme song in their play list. And now, Filipinos will be celebrating 40 years of the combiner mecha series in the country with a special event.

Tokyo Gets will be holding a character marathon and fan event for the series in the Philippines, and yes, it will have a Voltes V theme. The race will be 5Km long, and participants will get exclusive Voltes V goodies, including a T-shirt. There will also be a photo corner, booths, and other activities celebrating 40 years of Voltes V in the country. It will happen this December 10, 2017.

And there will also be a very special guest coming over from Japan! Mitsuko Horie, who sang the theme song back in the 70’s, will be the event’s special guest.

The anime first premiered in the Philippines in 1978 but was later banned by Philippine dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, along with other Japanese anime like Daimos, for being “too violent”. But after the dictator was overthrown, the anime was shown again in 1986, and had been shown again and again in the country for years, with its massive popularity continuing onto the 90’s and 2000’s. Let’s just say that the anime made a lot of childhoods awesome back there.

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