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Welcome to, the place where it is all about youth and popular culture  Formed back in 2004 and having a large membership in the forums that is continuously growing, SGcafe becomes an icon of it own, with topics and chit chatter focused on events, cosplay and an active marketplace with participation from both commercial entities and a garage market.

About the Mascot Characters “Zet-chan”, “Kyuu-chan” and “Kouma-kun”

Our three lovely characters are caricatures of the SGCafe community. Drawn by “koppepan”, they were chosen as the best representation of the community. They were chosen as the official mascot during our mascot contest. Currently, their names have been refreshed with more Japanese-like names, to suit the whole Japanese pop culture SGCafe strives to promote and cultivate!

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With a traffic of about 3 million page views a month, a strong member base of over 15,000 and a strong set of professionals gearing behind every single mechanics of the website, exposure is guaranteed. We are more than happy to talk with you on any possible mutual benefiting partnership or business opportunities.

We offer a variety of advertising tools, from strategic banner placements to customized microsites. Whatever your marketing objectives may be, we’ll discuss and work with you to deliver the most cost effective solution.

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