…and so you have heard about Moe Moe Kyun (MMK) maid cafe’s presence in COSMO Parade but what will they be doing ? We have a good chat with the folks from Sozo and it seems like they are gonna bring some lovely cooling moe moe power to relieve the summer heat at COSMO Parade.

Starting from 11am to 8pm on COSMO Parade (July 3rd), Moe Moe Kyun cafe will be bringing a “Mobile” edition experience and featuring some nice Summer Frost lovely treats. You will get to redeem 1 stamp for every Snow Ice dessert purchase where you can use it to exchange for movie passes.

Of course, picture taking is also available with them at $5 for every signature portrait ! Those summer frost treats are awesome! You must try ! :3

Last but not least, here were some lovely photos taken of Tomomi and Yoshimi


Tomomi, trying to exert moe powers into the wall.

moe power inscribed on the holy wall :3

Would you like MMK to have more appearances  in other events too ? ^^


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