Hi All,

We will be doing a re-arrangement of SGmarket on 30 June, 0001hr onwards, starting from Commercial Entities section, all blogshops (i.e. you have a particular blog that sells stuff) will be moved to a blogshop section while registered companies gets another section. The process should take a few hours while you are sleeping or watching world cup and should be transparent to you while navigating other sections of the forum.

Most likely, the commercial entities section will be disabled during the process while other sections will function as normal.

Check back here for updates once the process is completed and what is the next section for re-arrangement.

For reporting of issues or feedback, there are a few avenues:

Forum – FAQ: SGCafe New Style/Rant/Problem Reporting
Twitter – SGcafe (sgcafe) on Twitter
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/SGcafe/117732168250047?ref=ts

Trolling comments not welcomed.

Having said all that, we will be screening your posts in the marketplace, there should be no selling of illegal/contraband items (up to admin/mod discretion), we reserve the right to moderate/close/shutdown your thread, with reasonable justification of course.

We hope for your understanding while we work on improving the performance and fixing the bugs.

Many thanks


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