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The meat. This is where all the juicy details on what’s gonna happen on Shine Youth Festival this year which ranges from performances, bazzar to games and many more. SHINE Youth festival was initiated in 2005 as a platform for our youth that celebrates their creativity and dynamism. A stage of skills and talents and an array of performances during the festival.


This year, SHINE Youth Festival will be presented by by four marquee partners – Mascot Parade, O School, Singapore Street Festival and the Singapore Management University.

Now if you are wondering what will they be bringing for us this year. Here is a breakdown, starting with the event that is most relative to our blog

Mascot Parade

This year, Mascot Parade brings about more partners than ever and a slew of events and The Banzai! Effect is being listed as a blog partner. Mascot Parade event that started last year that was well received, showcasing iconic characters from movies, games and also cosplay. With this year, they present the following:

COSMO Youth Parade 2010, a youth parade march represented by the various contingents will take place in the heart of Orchard Road (from
*SCAPE Playspace to the junction of Mandarin Gallery).

COSMO Bazzar, an unique experience which supports cosplayers and costumers with a unique ‘must-see’ focus, where key retailers are invited to bring in a wide selection of products, attire and limited edition collectables from the region.

COSMO Costume Competition nurtures new talents with a beginners friendly competition platform where everyone can join to win a trip for two to Japan. Beside additional cash prizes for top 3 winners of each category (Anime & Manga, Comics & Cartoons, PC & Console Games. Movies & TV Shows), participants can grab the chance to meet famous cosplayers like Alodia, Ashley and learn from local experts like Reno (Iron Man) Clive (Gundam Suit).

Music Performaces – Locally groomed Anime and J-rock bands and singers will also be making their debut at the night concert as participants end off the day with a wild night out in town! Do check out Arista’s performance, a pretty lovely voice she have there. (picture on the right)

Gundam Caravan – Fans of Gundam must not miss this event as Bandai will bringing their prototypes and upcoming model kits. There will also be instructors teaching new learners how to setup your own Gunpla.

Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe – The moe-some meidos from AFA 09 are back ! and they will be bringing the special cafe experience in COSMO 2010. We do have something special to cover on that though so stay tuned.(or rather, keep visiting the site :3 )

Check out their official website here

[email protected] by Singapore Street Festival

Singapore Street Festival is a non-profit organisation catered to the social and community arena in Singapore. Annually, Singapore Street Festival provides youth in Singapore with stages at popular malls or youth hub to showcase their talents, skills and abilities in the performing arts, visual art forms, lifestyle trends, entrepreneurship, technology, health and environment.

With SHINE Youth Festival 2010, a host of exhilarating performances featuring WORDS! Rap Competition, Asia Global Bellydance Competition, WOW! Band Competition, J-Rock bands and some serious yo-yo action will be be featured in [email protected]

[email protected] events will be held from 25 June to 11 Jul at The Cathay and Plaza Singapura.

Check out SG Street Festival’s official website here

O School

Set up in 2006 as a performing arts centre promoting dance as a healthy outlet, O School will be presenting “The Big Groove 2010” which brings some of the world’s most awarded and highly entertaining dance groups together on a stage.

Themed “The Year of the Champions”, this year’s event will see dazzling performances of Quest Crew, the winners of America’s Best Dance Crew (Season 3), Wrecking Crew Orchestra (WCO) and Hilty and Bosch, winners of Japan Dance Delight and more in a grand showcase at Singapore Expo.

The Big Groove 2010 – The Year of the Champions is on 11 July 2010, 730pm at the Singapore Expo Hall 8. Workshops will be held at various timing at O School Studios at *Scape from 8-10 July 2010.

Check out their official website here

Singapore Management University (SMU)

SMU students will be bringing about community service projects and events around the island:

starringSMU’10 – a carwash project that takes place in Holland Village. This year, the carwash will be scheduled on 24th and 25th July 2010. Tickets are priced at only SGD$8, and all funds raised would go towards helping My Buona Vista Place.

!nspirar – Scheduled on 1st August 2010. They are set to move both corporate and individuals with their cause, and encourage them to get on their feet to participate in this activity, and at the same time, for a good cause: to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Singapore.

Ballooning Bliss 2 – aims to bring to each and every child the simplest and purest joy, showing them anything is possible, and daring them to aspire. Tickets are priced at SGD$2 each and all proceeds will go to En Community
Services Society. Corporations could opt to adopt a gigantic balloon structure that will be displayed on 24th July 2010 at Jurong Point Shopping Center

Rolling Good Times -They are hoping to bring about an impact with a total of 1,000 SMU students setting in motion a huge wave of efforts towards the various areas of society through these above mentioned. Their hard work will bring about help needed for 15 beneficiaries.

The press event ended in the late afternoon and it was great knowing folks from Genesis Frontier, Sozo, Mascot Parade and many more ! Here are some photos of the event, hit on the photo to get a bigger resolution

Mr Martin Tan, one of the steering commitee members in SHINE and Yi Da, a organising committee member of SHINE Youth Festival

we were surprised by some nice belly dancing!

a group photo taken ;) from hunks to babes.

Omake photos @ *SCAPE

Madelyn or..Mad-chan :3

Tomomi with her drawing.. lovely!

Stay tuned as we bring about more interesting updates. :3


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