The goal from Spain had to come! They were technically superior side in yesterday’s final and they were the deserved winners (at least for last night). The Dutch players went into the game with a really physical approach and it caused quite a number of stoppages. It also got really annoying when the referee, Robben seemed like he was “playacting” on several occasions.


With many “almost goals” throughout the game, audiences were filled with built up anticipation awaiting that one killer goal. I was at the edge of my seat towards the end of the extra time when Spain finally took the World cup with a series of good passes while the Dutch finished the game with 10 men.

Spain goes victorious with the 1-0 score over Nederlands, taking the 1st in World Cup 2010, with Germany on the 3rd and Uruguay on the 4th

So, octopus Paul probably has real psychic powers after all. And for that, he was given the World cup replica which was placed in his tank!


And this is miyo doing her first sgcafe blogpost! ^__^ Till then!

Source of images: Telegraph, Xinhua Net, Reuters


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