It was a pretty amazing turnout of cosplayers during WCG on the weekends despite it being a gaming centric event, while the share of booth babes were awesome within the event halls, the cosplayers overrun the numbers outside the event. It’s great to meet familiar faces and photography shoots are held and many cosplayers and photographers have their share of fun.

Do check out our forums where some of the amazing epic photographers post their photos there. Check out our cosplay event category

Here some photos taken by me, do chill out with us around the forums. ^^

As usual, click on the photos for a larger version.

Vocaloids and Bananas

Miku..and a giant banana

lovely smile, enchanting!

a very lovely costume made


hiyuki-chan :3

mmm..miku nurse? :3

i love the expression

Rest of the photos at the gallery and also our forums



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