[Contains some spoilers. X__X]

They are yellow, nerdy, and look like… a bean! Yes, I’m talking about the minions from Despicable Me, I just find them so adorable I just feel like having my own minions. (This unfortunately, isn’t going to happen. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of cute, yellow creatures to help you complete your assignments?)

The moment I saw one of those yellow little minions on TV, I told myself I have to catch this movie- and I did! While I was somewhat disappointed by the movie’s predictable storyline, Despicable me made it up with humour. The yellow minions are amusing to watch; they just blabber at most and do funny actions all the time. In fact, I suppose it was their body language that made everything so hilarious.

Remember Mr.Bean? I have no idea why, but they just remind me of him so much. Maybe it’s just the babbling… (There were also some adult humour parts too, butt-scanning minions, anyone?) Overall, the movie delivered what it promised- a good laugh. I would say that the movie’s intended for comical relief.

After watching the movie, I took a picture with one of the minions! (Maaaan, I would love to bring one home. T___T;;; ) Imagine people walking dogs in the park- and ta-dah, you walk a yellow,  funny looking thing.

(Haha, I think I sound like some minion-fangirl. @[email protected];; )

Ah well, just go watch it if you haven’t done so!


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