The movie, Liar Game: The Final Stage will be gracing Singapore’s screen on August 12, brought to you by Encore Films and Golden Village. Liar Game is a manga turn life-action drama, created by the mangaka Shinobu Kaitani for serialization in Weekly Jump Magazine since 2005.

It’s story is about Nao Kanzaki, the heroine participating in “Liar Game Tournament”, allowing the participant a chance to earn a lot of money or incur a debt so huge, it’s unthinkable.

Liar Game has also been turned into a Life-action drama in Japan, which features Erika Toda (Death Note) as Nao Kanzaki and Shota Matsuda(Boy over Flowers aka Hana Kimi) as Shinichi Akiyama, a conman who is helping Nao in the games.

The life action drama spans over 2 seasons and the movie is an continuation or to better call it, the finale, much like how Nodame Cantabile The Final Note.

The drama itself is a top hit in Japan, with a high weekly TV rating, so popular it is that there is even a 3 hour OVA made just for the ending and a good Movie rating. Liar Game: The Final Game will be released in Singapore on the 12th of August 2010, so do catch it!

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Pictures: Encore Films Press Release.


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