The wait is finally over as Blizzard, together with IAH Games brought in the wrath of the Zerg Swarm, the fury of the Terrans and the unleash of energy by the Protoss to Singapore. 12 years of wait have finally paid off for the StarCraft fans as the sequel to the original StarCraft was launched today in Funan Digitalife Mall.

Titled StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty, this is the first part of the trilogy that Blizzard will be bringing to the gamers and together with IAH Games, they have launched the South East Asia online multiplayer servers in Singapore. If you were thinking that Singapore fans might just be a tiny fraction or perhaps not much people are interested, you are very wrong.

According to the folks, the first person in queue started at 11am yesterday and by afternoon, the queue to get their preorder stretched all the way out of the mall. The emcee of the event was rather entertaining as lucky draws were held with the showbabes helping to give the fans some water. Hey, it is not easy to be in the queue ,ok?

Needless to say, there were computers being setup for interested players to try out the game, testing out in skirmish and multiplayer. For a quick breakdown, StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty revolves around the story of Jim Raynor, taking place four years after the events of StarCraft: Brood Wars. Jim engages in a revolution against the tyranny of Arcturus Mengsk and the Terran Dominion, while he’s haunted by the past. The story will continue with the Zerg campaign “Heart of the Swarm” and then the Protoss “Legacy of The Void”

We will share with you more on a separate article about the game review.

Moving on the event, Blizzard’s StarCraft II lead writer – Brian Kindregan spoke of the challenges made in the game as well as his role in the team in shaping up what is StarCraft II becoming, a very interesting person as he autographs the first 200 people’s StarCraft II copies.

Roland Ong, CEO of IAH Games made an appearance as well giving a brief speech before Mr Oh, Managing Director for Southeast Asia Blizzard Entertainment took over. His speech blew the fans literally away, thanking all the StarCraft fans for the years of support and reaffirming that Blizzard cares about the community and heard the community’s wishes  – a South East Asia service.

Along with that, he also revealed that Southeast Asian gamers will be able to connect to North American service too! He has also shared some interesting mechanics that happen in the campaign gameplay, many of which are already known to hardcore fans but still fans cheered.

There were also some lovely babes in the event, darn cute terrans! :3 Here are some photos taken ^^



More photos at the gallery below and if you were wondering how long was the queue….here is a photo

that’s how long it is…

meanwhile, a dark templar is ready to strike

July 27 2010. The worldwide launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, were you in the launch event, regardless of the country you are in ? Do share with us with your experience !

Also, Stay tuned as a game review will be coming soon.


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