It is a whole lot of fun for the weekend as The Games Xpo (TGX) and World Cyber Games Singapore/Asian Finals are held in Singapore Expo. One of the key events that spark lots of attention and crowd was the Battle Medley Singapore 2010 organised by, sponsored by Rapture Gaming.

If you are a fan of Street Fighter, this is one event you should check it out as they are holding tournaments and gameplay clinics on Super Street Fighter IV. Along with that, they invited guests from Japan ! Momochi and Choco Blanka !

Momochi and Choco Blanka

Don’t let Yuko Kusachi a.k.a Choco’s cute looks fool you, I bet her Blanka is prolly able to beat an average joe’s character with a perfect. :3 A seasoned fighter and one of the best female players, she have run tournaments and won various awards before.

Yusuke Momochi is the reigning Japan National Champion and Super Battle Opera Street Fighter: 3rd Strike champion too. Seeing his Akuma’s gameplay was amazing on the event today.

Not everything is about fighting as Inch Chua’s one of the guests and also the emcee in the event. She is also promoting her upcoming album that will be launched end of July! Sunday’s the last day of TGX so do come down and take a look. Stay tuned for more coverage, as we go into the cosplay during the event.  ^^

A few more photos in the gallery, click on the them to get a bigger picture.

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