Sony Japan have announced the launch date of the upcoming White PS3 slim series (CECH-2500). The new model will come in 160GB and 320GB flavors. The 160GB flavor will come in white and also the usual charcoal black versions

The 160GB version will be sold around 29,980 yen while the 320GB version will retail for 34,980 yen.

Launch date in Japan is July 29.

There will also be some new accessories which include a classic White DUALSHOCK3 Wireless Control (CECH-ZC2J LW) for 5,500 yen and Classic White PS3 Stand (CECH-ZS1J LW) for 2,000 yen. There is also a “PS3 Digital Recorder Pack” (CEJH-10011) which includes digital recorder, 160 GB charcoal black PS3 and DUALSHOCK 3 for 36,980 yen.


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