Going for A.C.M.E II requires preparation physically and mentally as you will be pitted in the midst of rabid fans and hordes of people alike. This guide will share with you what to prepare and the FAQs about this event.

The very important point to take note of:

CASH ONLY. NETS or Cards of any kind cannot be used to pay for the merchandise.

The nearest ATM is as follows


NTUC Union Branch @ Bras Basah (POSB)


Fortune Center

Event Details

credits to tueac for the map

Date: 28 Aug 2010, Sat
Time: 11am to 6pm
Venue: Sculpture Square
Address: 155 Middle Road, Sculpture Square, Singapore 188977
Entrance fee: Free

Queueing starts on 27 August, after 8.30pm. Look for the “Queue Master” and queue up. Please behave in an orderly manner.

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Getting There and Parking…

Alight at Bugis (East-West Line), and exit via Seiyu Departmental store. Walk towards the direction of Hotel Intercontinental. At the corner of the hotel, cross Victoria Street and walk up Middle Road for 2 blocks. Sculpture Square is at the junction of Waterloo Street and Middle Road and directly opposite Fortune Centre.

Alternatively, alight at Citihall MRT Station and head towards the Singapore Art Museum. Walk along Waterloo Street, bypassing Action Theatre, Singapore Calligraphy Centre and YMS Arts Centre. Sculpture Square is located at the end of Waterloo Street.

By Car
Ample parking is available in Fortune Centre and along Waterloo Street. After passing the National Library, drive along Middle Road, turn left into Queen Street, and make a right into the underground car park. Sculpture Square is across the street from Fortune Centre.

Preparing beforehand

This will not be a window shopping time, the list of merchandise is already out now particularly for Chara Fest section. Click here to see the list. Make sure you know what to buy so that upon reaching the event queue, you won’t be pondering and thinking what to buy. It is important that you do your homework.

As the queue will start on the night before A.C.M.E, it is advisable to join in the queue if you are really going for the limited edition merchandise. Remember, all goods are on first-come-first-serve basis. Bring some entertainment, food and water so that you can last the night waiting and not waking up the next day looking like some infested zombie.

Remember to behave yourself in an orderly fashion and not make a big ruckus, try bringing some stuff that are easy to pack to pass your boredom there. Consider the following:

  • Handheld portable with earphones. (PSP, NDS)
  • Tissue paper (in case the toilet lacks it)
  • Water
  • Food (remember to throw all litter away)
  • Dark clothing (avoid unnecessary dirt on yourselves while sitting down)
  • Something to sit on. Be it a cardboard box, sleeping bag or whatever, remember to pack up neatly or throw it away before event starts
  • Personal belongings – Wallet, Cellphone, etc
  • Make friends, not enemies. You won’t want anything to happen while you go to the toilet
  • You can consider bringing a friend along to join you in the queue, not hanky panky but to guard your queuing place.

Remember to keep track of your personal belongings. The management is not responsible if you lose anything.

At The Event

It is simple, be a good boy or girl and you should be fine. Misbehave and out you go or worse, getting the authorities involved.

A.C.M.E. is NOT a cosplay event, please do not cosplay there.

If you have planned your list well and brought enough cash, you shouldn’t face the situation of “oh shi-, i am five dollars short, can i borrow from you

Do check out the artist booths there, there will be fourteen artists/groups this year, loads of fun including trading card game tournaments and Touhou Hisoutenkou gaming competiton as well.

After The Event

Admire, enjoy the goods you bought in your room or where-ever possible.

Don’t look at your wallet for the time-being to avoid unnecessary facepalm situation.

That’s all and have fun at A.C.M.E II on 28th August.

PS: You should have figured by now but A.C.M.E. means A Certain Magical Event


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