Natsumatsuri, an event held in Changi Japanese School annually which opens itself to visitors for the celebration. A very lively event which gives you a small taste on how it is like in Japan. Of course, it is a much greater scale in Japan. Unlike other events which we see in Singapore, Natsumatsuri is a cultural and traditional event celebrated by the Japanese.

There were lineup of booths selling Japanese Food and Japanese Traditional games, the funfair and not forgetting the famous bon odori dance every year. Stage events were held in the middle of the field and you can really see the people swarming around the stage to find a good spot.

Oh, did anyone manage to try the candy apple ? :3

The weather was awesome and I am sure fellow members from SGCafe and of course the public enjoyed the event. Kudos to Botak_Ahpek from the forums who managed to get a shuttle bus service for the members out of goodwill.

lots of people near the stage enjoying the event

Soccer players…

this cute little girl was in a performance, the folks cheered for her !


Bon Odori, did you join in ?

Awesome event, a good time to really relax, chill and chat with friends, definitely looking forward to next year !


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