“The Alpha series consist of the A-mount and E-mount. For the E-mount, we have the NEX-5 and NEX-3 which are very popular after they were launched. The A-mount is catered to our conventional Alpha customers who want to enjoy photography with interchangeable lens. It has been our ongoing challenge since our entry to this business in 2006, to give our customers the ability to do more. We have come up with our new translucent mirror technology that provides an always ‘on’ AF for continuous shooting and movie recording,” says Tatsuo Nakazawa, Deputy General Manager, Marketing Dept., Personal Imaging and Sound Business Group

Koutaro Kawabe, Project Leader in Product Design Dept., Imaging Division, Personal Imaging & Sound Business Group (right in picture), continues and explains about how the translucent mirror technology works and the various camera features including 10fps continuous shooting with AF tracking, quick AF Full HD movie recording and Advanced Quick AF Live View.

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Sony Alpha 33

the back of the camera

The Sony Alpha 33 is about the size of most entry-level digital DLR models, and it quite lightweight, yet sturdy. The 14.2-megapixel Alpha 33 (and Alpha 55) have a 3-inch screen that can rotate 180-degree from the camera back and rotate 270-degree leftward from the position the display if facing forward. By putting your eye to the electronic viewfinder (EVF), the camera automatically detects and switch from the LCD display to the EVF.

Sony Alpha 55 is slightly heavier, On the right are the built-in GPS, remote, microphone, USB and HDMI connectors. The Alpha 55 is the only model aside from the Alpha 33 to have GPS for Geo tagging feature.

Here’s a look at the top layout of the camera, with the mode dial on the left. Similar to the Alpha 33.

The Sony Alpha 33 will be available by end of August at S$999 – body only, and S$1099 with kit lens. Look out for it at the upcoming Comex Show next week. The Sony Alpha 55 will be available next month, no pricing information yet.

Official Press Release as below

Singapore, 24th August 2010 – Sony South East Asia today announced two new cameras, the Alpha 55 (SLT-A55V) and Alpha 33 (SLT-A33) that adopt Sony’s newly-developed Translucent Mirror Technology which achieves the highest-level performance for both still image and movie recording.

Revolutionary Translucent Mirror Technology
The Alpha 55 and Alpha 33 are the world’s first interchangeable lens digital cameras to incorporate Translucent Mirror Technology, which enables new features that were previously difficult to achieve with traditional DSLR cameras. By replacing the mirror box used in conventional DSLR cameras with an original mirror box containing a fixed translucent mirror, both cameras offer full-time, TTL phase-detection autofocusing during live view and movie shooting, as well as high speed continuous shooting with continuous autofocus (AF) – features previously available only on professional-grade cameras. By integrating a fixed translucent mirror, this also results in a more compact body design that is approximately 23% smaller than that of the Alpha 550 for maximum portability.

In addition, Translucent Mirror Technology enables the world’s first Full HD movie recording with continuous phase detect AF, so that even subjects moving at high speeds are constantly kept in focus. Quick AF Live View has also been significantly improved with fast, precise AF in both the viewfinder and LCD screen.

Both cameras incorporate a newly-developed 15-point TTL phase-detection AF system that includes 3 cross sensors vertically aligned in the centre of the frame. The fast and highly precise AF system remains in operation not only when using the viewfinder, but also when the LCD screen is used in live view mode. This allows photographers to enjoy fast and accurate AF operation when either subject framing method is used.

Sony-Exclusive Features
With an Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, BIONZ high-speed image processing engine and Ultra-high ISO sensitivity (ISO 100-12,800), the Alpha 55V and Alpha 33 cameras offer advanced shooting features. These make it easy to get the best shot, even in difficult lighting conditions.

The cameras also sport several noise reduction features: Multi-frame NR automatically captures six frames and combines them into a single JPEG image, which effectively reduces image noise by up to approximately two ISO steps and boosts effective sensitivity as high as ISO 25600. Similarly, Hand-Held Twilight shoots and combines six frames into a single photo, suppressing blur to enable clear night-scene imaging without a tripod or flash. While Auto HDR shoots and combines three frames into a single high dynamic range (HDR) photo with rich shadow and highlight detail.

The Alpha 55 and Alpha 33 are equipped with a new AUTO+ mode that makes it easy for novice photographers to leverage the advanced features of both cameras. In the AUTO+ mode, the cameras analyze the scene and shooting conditions, and in addition to activating optimum settings for aperture and shutter speed, it automatically activates advanced imaging features such as burst shooting for fast-moving subjects and Auto HDR for backlit subjects.

The cameras also feature 3D Sweep Panorama mode which when activated, allows photographers to capture impressive, ultra-wide panoramic photos in 3D by simply sweeping the camera in a horizontal direction. These photos can then be viewed on any compatible LCD TV that supports 3D viewing via HDMI. High ISO sensitivity of up to 12800 and an AUTO ISO range of ISO100 – ISO1600 enable the Alpha 55 and Alpha 33 to capture quality hand-held shots in low-light conditions, even by candlelight.

For users who enjoy geo-tagging, the Alpha 55 is the first camera with a built-in GPS that can tag images with the geographical coordinates of the location where they were taken, recorded as EXIF data. When viewed on a computer using the bundled Picture Motion Browser (PMB) software or on a compatible BRAVIA TV equipped with the Photo Map function, the geotagged images are beautifully displayed on a world map.

For greater convenience, both cameras support Memory Stick and SD cards. With the Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, movies and photos can be transferred up to 4 times faster than when using the Memory Stick PRO Duo Mark2.

The new Alpha 33 will be available in Singapore from end August 2010 while the Alpha 55 will be available end September.


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