There will be a business networking forum on the day before Anime Festival Asia 2010 with many top Japanese and regional business leaders from music, fashion and animation industries relating experiences and collaboration opportunities in Asia based on the analysis of Japanese content development within the music, fashion and entertainment industries.

Titled “Cool Japan Experience”, it will be held in 12 November 2010, confirmed keynote speakers include Mr Go Nakanishi (Top animation and music producer from KINGRECORDS) and Mr Fumitaro
Ohama (co-founder of the Tokyo Girls Collection).

Tickets for the forum, which are inclusive of a high profile networking party, are at S$238 per delegate. This includes a two-day exhibition pass * for 13 and 14 November.

*Exhibition Only. Concert and Main Stage Not Included*

Danny Choo will be hosting the forum and some of the renowned speakers mentioned are –

Fumitaro Ohama is the CEO of Branding Group Inc as well as the president of the Tokyo Girls Collection. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics from the University of Southern California. Using his experience as a planning director for radio and television in his university days, he started Branding Group Inc. in April of 2000. He set up the first mobile fashion site for ladies,, which attracted over 7 million readers in Japan.

In 2002, Ohama set up the ‘Kobe Collection’ with the Mainchi Broadcasting Service. The ‘Tokyo Girls Collection(TGC)’ was started in August 2005. TGC has been growing steadily and gaining attention from around the world. News of the 2010 event was seen in over 160 countries and watched by more than 50 million people in the six weeks after it. It was rated as the second most popular content in Japan, after Sumo. It also received awards such as the ‘Nikkei Newspaper’s Award’, ‘Japan Online Shopping Award’, ‘Sen-Ken-Award’ and the ‘High Service Top 300’.

Go Nakanishi is an acclaimed anime producer who has worked on many significant works close to the heart of fans. He graduated with a degree from Waseda University’s Faculty of Letter’s, Arts and Sciences.
Nakanishi started his employment in 1997 with King Records and took charge of the musical direction of ‘Akihabara Dennou Gumi’ the following year. He has worked on the live musical adaptations of ‘Akihabara Dennou Gumi’ and ‘Shoujo Kakumei Utena’.
Nakanishi was the assistant producer of shows such as ‘Digi Charat’, ‘Love Hina’ and ‘Sister Princess’ from 1999 to 2002. Since then he has produced hit works such as ‘Uchuu no Stellvia’, ‘Sokyuu no Fafner’, ‘Inukami’, ‘Negima!?’, ‘Kyou no 5 no 2’, amongst others.
He is currently the chief producer of Starchild Records, and is working on ‘Seitokai Yakuindomo’, the latest releases of ‘Madrock Scramble’ and ‘Sokyuu no Fafner – HEAVEN AND EARTH’.
Nakanishi has also been the producer of the musical unit of angela since they were signed to Starchild Records in 2003.

Kotaro Sugiyama is an internationally renowned creator who has received worldwide attention. He has headed a large number of major creative campaigns, including those for Shogakukan (publisher), Seven-Eleven, Suntory, Toyota, and Sony, among many others.

In 1997, Sugiyama became Deputy Director of the Interactive Solution Center, being in charge of Dentsu’s Digital Business Design Division and later, the Internet Business Division. In 2004, he was appointed as Executive Officer and Deputy Managing Director of the Media & Contents Business Headquarters. He is currently a Senior Vice President and Head of Dentsu’s Solution and Creative Division, a division which oversees all of Dentsu’s strategic and creative areas that are related to communication design, such as promotions, marketing, Internet and CRM.
Sugiyama continues to be a leading figure in Dentsu’s new and innovative communication-related businesses. His unique strength and ability is backed by his extensive experience and expertise in both traditional as well as modern/interactive creative and media work.

Residing in Tokyo, Danny Choo writes about his life in Japan and Japanese pop culture, which includes anime, figurines, dolls, cosplay, games and related items under the genre. His blog,, is regularly featured all over the web, print and broadcast media such as CNN, BBC, NHK and G4TV. He also recently started to host a TV show called culture:Japan on Animax.
Originally from the UK and son of renowned fashion designer Jimmy Choo, Danny has been working in Japan since 1999, serving as Computer Engineer at Japan Airlines, Website Manager at Amazon Japan and CGM Product Manager at Microsoft. He now runs an Internet strategy firm in the heart of Tokyo called Mirai Inc where he also works on TV and anime production.
As an expert on subjects like Otaku-ism (obsessive love for all things anime and manga) and Consumer Generated Media, Danny is regularly invited to speak at conferences around the world.

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