Dengeki Online as well as the official site of Macross Frontier has reported on what is included in the Macross Frontier Hybrid Pack, this is actually a package that contains the blu-ray release of Macross F ~Itsuwari no Utahime~ movie and a new PS3 game titled “Macross Trial Frontier”

This is possibly the ultimate retail package that fans will desire to have, more so if he/she has a PlayStation 3. In the Hybrid Pack, it will contain the following goodies: Blu-ray jacket,  the hybrid disc, a 48-page artwork booklet, a theatrical release archive, and a card that contains the movie frames. There is also a code that allows you to get into a lucky draw where you stand a chance to attend the Macross F Christmas Live event.

Of course, bonus video clips such as the commercials are included. There is also a special clip that features Macross creator Kawamori Shoji on Toro Station episode. This was originally released on PlayStation Network prior to movie release.

As for the game itself that runs on the PS3, it is pretty similar to the ones on PSP. Macross Trial Frontier will include 12 missions, 11 crafts, 4 armors, 5 pilots, 10 support characters and featuring 2 control types. Visuals are stunning since it runs on the PS3.

The release date and pricing ? October 7 and at a price of 7,140 yen. This is the blu-ray release and it will work on normal blu-ray players, the game function will be detected when you play it on PS3.

There is a DVD release as well which will retail at 6,080 yen. Pre-orders should be open, do check out those online retailers.

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