Starhub have announced their suite of fibre optic plans for residential and business users, riding on Singapore’s Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network. Four new home broadband plans under the ‘MaxInfinity’ brand have been announced which utilizes the new fibre-optic network.

MaxInfinity will provide customers with local broadband speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, one major feature of the plans is the good level of international bandwidth provided, including up to 100Mbps for MaxInfinity Supreme, the highest international broadband capacity on offer than any other local operator in Singapore

ACCESS PLANS (Prices have been included with GST)

MaxInfinity Ultimate

Promo Price – $68.27

Download/Upload/International (in Mbps) –   100/50/15

MaxInfinity Elite

Promo Price – $82.18

Download/Upload/International (in Mbps) –   150/75/15

MaxInfinity Platinum

Promo Price – $102.93

Download/Upload/International (in Mbps) –   200/100/25

MaxInfinity Supreme

Promo Price – $395.90

Download/Upload/International (in Mbps) –   1000/500/100

All plans will include:

Mobile Broadband Free 2Mbps x 24mths promo + Free micro SIM (Valid till 30 Sep 2010)
Home Phone Line Free till 31 Dec 2011
SafeSurf Free till 31 Dec 2010
Hub Troopers Service Call
Wireless Home Gateway (Gbps home networking)
Music Store 10 Free DRM-free songs worth $10


Features MaxInfinity Ultimate Hubbing Pack, MaxInfinity Elite Hubbing Pack, MaxInfinity Platinum Hubbing Pack with promo Price (with GST) $86.88,  $102.72,  $118.77 respectively

The internet speeds will be as the same as mentioned above but including:
Cable TV 3 Basic group with up to 28 channels of world-class content + 50% off HubStation HD rental + free 6 months Basic Upsize Groups
Home Phone Line Free till Dec 2011
SafeSurf Free till Dec 2010
Hub Troopers Service Call One Free Service Call within 12 months
Music Store 10 Free DRM-free songs worth $10
Hardware Wireless Home Gateway (Gbps home networking) Wireless Home Gateway (Gbps home networking) Wireless Home Gateway (Gbps home networking)

For Businesses

From today onwards, commercial entities are also able to apply the relevant business plan from Starhub too. They will be offering a new Fibre 100Mbps (NextGen) service, which provides superior Internet broadband connectivity with symmetrical uplink and downlink speeds. The Fibre 100Mbps (NextGen) service has a suggested monthly subscription charge of $268 and comes bundled with a series of value-added benefits.

Fibre 100Mbps (NextGen) – $268 per month (with GST)

Broadband Access Speeds with unlimited internet access up to 100Mbps, complimentary router rental from CISCO and mobile plan bundled with choice of ONE of the following:

(a) PowerValue 100 Mobile Plan with $0 handset offer


(b) MaxMobile SurfLite 2Mbps with Free Mobile Broadband Dongle

In addition, StarHub is the first operator in Singapore to offer Ethernet Local Link ( NextGen) and Switched Ethernet (NextGen) services for the new network. These specific access plans help businesses connect to multiple sites in Singapore using Layer 2 and Layer 3 technologies, and serves as a potential replacement for traditional leased line services.

StarHub is able to deliver speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 1Gbps on either of the two services. Prices for these services will vary, depending on the broadband speeds requirements, and the number of connected sites.

Along with that, Cloud Computing Solutions are also being announced by Starhub, here is a quote from their official press release:

New Cloud-Computing Solutions
StarHub today is pleased to announce its partnership with best-of-breed industry players to offer a new range of cloud computing value-added solutions for businesses.  StarHub and its partners will now be able to provide a bundled solution over a cloud computing platform that is specifically customised to the requirements of the business. These solutions, available both on StarHub fixed network and on Next Gen NBN, include:

  • StarHub Backup and Storage – In partnership with Hitachi Data Systems, this solution helps businesses protect their data assets by easily and effectively providing auto-backup, fast recovery and security. Tapping on the latest cloud-based expertise, it delivers an effortless, secure form of data protection and backup at only a fraction of the cost of enterprise-scale backup solutions.
  • StarHub e-HR Management – This service, delivered through industry leader Justlogin, is a comprehensive HRM system designed to help small and medium businesses streamline and integrate HRM processes, in order to save time and manage routine and complex processes in a simple and efficient manner.
  • StarHub IP Video Surveillance – Together with KAI Square, a technology company specialising in mobile video surveillance and advance video processing with analytics, StarHub is now able to offer an IP video surveillance service that will allow companies to monitor and recognise threats to their businesses in real-time, prevent and investigate criminal activities and ensure employees’ safety at the workplace – all with a low start-up cost.
  • StarHub POS Solution – In partnership with Wincor-Nixdorf, StarHub will introduce an easy to use, fully bundled and price competitive POS solution that allows businesses to speed up the flow of transactions, minimising transaction errors and reducing employee theft.  It enables businesses to make critical business decision by gaining insights into their business anytime and anywhere.

New Content Delivery Platform for Businesses
Finally, StarHub is announcing that commercial customers across Singapore may soon be able to receive all 150+ channels on StarHub’s pay TV platform as the company looks into deploying various technologies to deliver those channels directly to the businesses’ premises. These technologies include IPTV and ‘Radio Frequency over Glass’ (RFoG). RFoG is a technology, currently being deployed in the US, which enables cable operators to deliver cable channels over a fibre network. Currently, StarHub provides 27
premium branded channels over its wireless Direct Terrestrial Television (DTTV) service. More details about this new content delivery platform will be provided at the later date.


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