That’s pretty fast for Namco Bandai after announcing details for Tales of Graces F demo on the PlayStation 3. Their official website has been updated again, this time with the launch date being announced and also the goodies that come with the retail.

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Tales of Graces F will be retailing on December 2, the game will be available for the PS3  and will be selling in Japan at a price of ¥8,379. Pre-order bonuses include the following:

  • Skit Drama Disc “Mamoritai Download Version”

A skit drama titled “Mamoritai Download Version” contains a special message from the seiyuu (voice actor) of main character Aspel Lant and also promotion videos. The DVD jacket has illustrations from character designer Mutsumi Inomata.

  • Costume Download Codes

The back of the DVD jacket contains codes where you can download Tales of Destiny 2 costumes for Aspel, Sophie and Richard

  • PS3 XMB Theme Download Code

This is code where you can use to get a PS3 XMB theme for Tales of Graces F, very beautiful.

Note: The game is in Japanese.

Pre-orders are open, you can check out online stores such as Play-Asia or your local dealer for PO


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