angela is the brainchild of Atsuko Yamashita who is charge of vocals and Katsunori Hirasato a.k.a. KATSU who handles the guitar, keyboard. Make no mistake as this angela is the name of the band and not the singer Angela Aki.

The duo met each other in a Tokyo music school and began as street performers back in 1993. Their breakthrough was stellar when angela signed on with Starchild and performed the opening song “Asue e no brilliant road”, the theme song for Stellvia of the Universe.

angela have earned the hearts of audiences worldwide with their anisongs and has performed in events outside of Japan such as Otakon Convention in the US and Fan Expo Canada.

angela have enjoyed great success with recent songs for anime such as Aoi Haru for Seitokai Yakuindomo and theme songs for Asura Cryin first and second season.

Bringing the versatile vocals of atsuko and the multi-instrumental talent of KATSU, angela will be appearing in Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFA X) for the first time in Singapore.
Fans will not forget that very song by angela, Asu e no brilliant road

明日へのbrilliant road

Spiral, from the anime Asura Cryin

3 more preview songs – shangri-la, fly me to the sky, peace of mine


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