You thought all those highlights mentioned in the previous press conference were everything ? You thought wrong.

Today’s press conference AFA X reveals more and what are they ? Here is a breakdown

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SEGA will be participating in this year’s AFA X ! It is not really hard to guess what they are bringing for us. If you were unable to try out Project Diva Arcade during the September trial in Singapore , you will have your chance in AFA X.

Project Diva began as a PSP music game featuring VOCALOID songs by various artistes and with the arcade edition, this will be first ever consumer generated media arcade game ever in the world.

not for sale

Introducing “not for sale”, a 7-member group which includes 4 fortune tellers, 1 MC, 1 DJ and 1 VJ. Each of the 4 fortune tellers will read your fortune simultaneously in their respective style: Western astrology, Eastern astrology, palm reading and Tarot cards. They tell the fortunes of many audience members at once supported by DJ’s music and VJ’s visuals. The MC plays the role of a translator.

Three members will be appearing in Anime Festival Asia 2010,

Are you ready to get your fortune read by them  ?


Do you go Nico Nico Douga often for Vocaloid musics ? ZANEEDS, a VOCALOID creative team which produces the work of Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Megurine Luka will be making an appearance in this year’s AFA X. Their crew of five are known for their songs such as Showered and Overwrite. They will have a booth in AFA X where you can purchase their CDs as well as a surprise.


If you are familiar with the visual novel scene, Nitroplus is no stranger. Well known for their popular titles such as Demonbane, Steins; Gate, Muramasa and Super Sonico, Nitro+ will have their booth in Anime Festival Asia 2010.

COSPA SEA & Milky Holmes

Cospa will be launching a new line of products under the label Cospa Asia, with the first being Naruto. These designs are only available outside of Japan at a price of S$24.90. Milky Holmes merchandise will be available for retail in AFA X for the first time in South-east Asia.

Milky Holmes will also be having an autograph session during the event and you know what that means. Buy their merchandise and get a chance to have it autographed !

GoodSmile Company x culture:japan

Also available in AFA X this year, GoodSmile company and culture:japan will be bringing in lovely Black Rock Shooter merchandise ! The screenshot is some few lovely examples.


Canon will be supporting Anime Festival Asia 2010 and along with it, activities ! Yes, you aren’t seeing it wrong. Here is a lineup of activities by Canon during AFA X

AFA Shop

Gear up with original merchandise for AFA X such as tote bags, iphone cases and body tattoos. Of course, not forgetting the t-shirts for AFA X too !

a sample design

CTC Asia

CTC Holidays will be launching their Tokyo Anime Fair tour packages, at prices only in AFA X !

Cosplayers Aira and Alodia

2 lovely cosplayers – aira from Japan and Alodia from Philippines will be joining KANAME in this year’s AFA X. Words cant describe the beauty of their cosplay, we will let you check out the event and find out.

May’n The Movie – Phonic Nation –

May’n’s movie will be featured in 3D , it will be opening in Japanese theaters on February 5th 2011. The documentary will support 3D and 5.1 channel surround viewing but hey, what does that mean for AFA X ?

Answer: a song from the movie


The hottest idol group in Japan, AKB48 will be gracing Singapore on November 12th this year in AFA X. This is an exclusive Cool Japan Special brought to you by Cool Japan Forum, ticketing prices are revealed, check them out here


Jam Project and Ichirou Mizuki will be having a special performance together in AFA X !! angela’s concert will also feature a simultanous broadcast of the anime footage as the duo performs together with medley of visuals from Sokyuu no Fafner in AFA X.

Also, Fans meet and greet session for May’n, angela and SCANDAL confirmed !

AFA X will be held in Suntec Convention Halls 401-402 in Singapore from 13-14 November 2010. Cool Japan Experience, featuring AKB48 will be at the same venue on 12th November.

Are you ready for Anime Festival Asia ?


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