Kinect is Microsoft’s new phenomenon for the Xbox 360, bringing motion gaming on a new level. No controllers needed, just yourself. That’s right, you are the controller. The Kinect is a sensor-like device that tracks your movement while you play the game and is coming soon for Singapore.

Ben Tan, regional director for Microsoft Singapore, talked about the next ten years for Xbox.

“We have approximately 40 million consoles on the market worldwide (as of July 2010), 25 million Xbox Live members and over 800 games on Xbox 360 today. In the past, most of the first person shooter (FPS) games were coming out on PCs. Previously, people say you can’t play FPS games on a console, but today we already have FPS games on a console.”

“This year is a very exciting time for us – we have the 4GB and 250GB console; Halo Reach that was just launched last month; Fallout that is going to launch this month. But its about the next ten years that is exciting. If you look at entertainment, we are interested in connected entertainment. It is also about multiple platforms. Windows Phone 7 is going to be launched in two weeks that will allow you to access Xbox Live. And today, we have revolutionary controller-free gaming, first time ever. Controller-free gaming is just one aspect of the product. Imagine other things you can do with controller-free computing experience. That is going to come”

Erik Ford, senior marketing manager for Microsoft Singapore introduced the various games suited for different groups of gamers – family, kids, social etc that are coming for the Xbox 360 as well the launch date and pricing of the Kinect.

Microsoft’s Kinect will be launching in Singapore on November 18, there will be a all-new Xbox 360 4GB console bundle that packs the revolutionary Kinect sensor and “Kinect Adventures” at a suggested retail price of S$469.

Existing Xbox 360 console owners can purchase the Kinect sensor with “Kinect Adventures” for a suggested retail price of S$229. Both packages can be purchased from major retailers island-wide.

controlling the menu with your hand, not a controller

smashing bricks!

Here is a short video …


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