Anime Festival Asia 2010 ended with a big bang yesterday with giant crowds gathering for various stage events. One of them was Aira and KANAME’s panel and it was an awesome sight as KANAME and aira shares with us some of their cosplay experiences and tips.

Both of them took on the cosplay of Vocaloid representations of Black Rock Shooter where aira took on the costume of supercell’s Hatsune Miku version of Black Rock Shooter while KANAME did Kaito, fans gave immense cheers and screams for these cosplayers from Japan.

No doubt, KANAME has returned again in AFA X, the man who rise to unprecedented cosplay stardom when he cosplay Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children with such precision in his costume at Tonari de Cosplay Convention in TFT 2007. His original photo book will be also be retailing soon in December this year.

The panel saw various questions for KANAME and aira, here are some interesting questions


Q: Kaname-san, have you ever cosplay a female character before ?

A: No, I have not cosplay as a female character but I have cosplay as a feminine character. It is benten from Zone00. I cosplay in his first year of cosplay and it was cosplay for fun.

Q: Have you ever met any interesting fans in your road of cosplay ?

A: Yes, I have met a lot of crazy and interesting fans before. There was once when I cosplay as Ace from One Piece and there is this boy cosplaying as Luffy and ask him “Are you KANAME?”.  He is such a small boy. I was surprised as his mum is behind and she says she is a big fan too.

Q: What was the major factor that brought you into the world cosplay ?

A: Back in the days, I do not have much friends that likes cosplay and otaku hobby and I have been hiding my hobby as it seems embarrassing. A few years back, I have a girlfriend back and I have been suppressing my otaku hobby for a long time. I have a back illness that time and went into rehabilitation treatment. After I broke up with my girlfriend, I went all out and decide to do what I like.

Also, KANAME thinks that the creator for safety pin is god. Those who attended the cosplay panel will know why. ^^


aira may be an unfamiliar name for our fledgling cosplayers but she is from Japan as well as an amazing cosplayer . She has done many cosplayers before, some of such amazing cosplays include Racing Miku from Vocaloid series, Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier, Mio from K-ON! and many more.

Her panel questions were interesting and humorous too, here’s some questions:

Q: Which character takes you the most time and why ?

A: Hatsune Miku Synchronicity version from the vocaloid version as there are a lot of parts to take care of and lots of painting to do. It takes a whole lot of time.

Q: How do you feel about cosplay characters that bare a lot of skin ?

A: Nothing, nothing at all. It is okay and I do not mind, it is about making the image of the character as what it is from the series. Singapore cosplayers, what do you think about baring a lot of skin (Audience: SEXY!)

Q: A character that looks real good or a character that looks terrible but you like the character

A: It is the same as KANAME, if you cosplay the character you don’t like, you will lose heart in doing the cosplay and end up throwing away the project but as a girl, we will usually love characters that are beautiful or more suited for girls

Also, KANAME and aira showed us some poses that are not suitable to make when you are cosplaying as the character. Here ..are two examples



Though it isn’t suited for the character, it is good for some omake humor, no? ^^

Check out the gallery for the remaining photos taken during the panel, some of the photos are my personal favorites too.


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