This is it, the Mega Cosplay Coverage from SGCafe community in Anime Festival Asia 2010. This post will be a special a joint effort using photos from the SGCafe forum community along with ours.

Those which are watermarked with SGCafe logo are taken by me or my colleague. It is a great feeling to be there, despite the crowd and the 3rd floor being occupied during day 1 of the event.

There was still a big turnout and it got even more fun with day 2 as the 3rd floor becomes available. You can see some photographers bringing all sorts of gear and setups to the event location just to get a nice shot of the cosplayer.

Credits and thanks to the following SGCafe Members (in no specific order), I have selected your photos to be in this gallery. The list will continue to grow as more members contribute to the gallery and I will selectively pick the ones. It is nothing personal if yours is not being picked as all the members simply have too many awesome photos. Click here for all the forum members cosplay gallery

  1. Botak_Ahpek
  2. alfenneo
  3. BNN
  4. Digdub
  5. kiwira
  6. phokage
  7. ravener
  8. shinjisg87
  9. SM Queen
  10. soundaholic
  11. magnadel
  12. Spikeout
  13. tkte0408
  14. Usagi-san
  15. vincentsan
  16. Banana_man
  17. Shiro MS08th
  18. Rayblade
  19. wiseland
  20. bystander
  21. GenmaSoichiro
  22. r_2oro
  23. bluetears2000

** Click on the photos for a larger version **

Which is your favorite cosplay ?


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