The Regional Cosplay Competition held in Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFA X) saw 5 fantastic cosplay teams pitting against each other on the stage as they bring out excellent skits to bring out the character that they are cosplaying.

It was indeed a tough fight between the teams from five countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines) but someone has to win the championships. A panel of five judges were given the ultimate responsibility in assessing their performance.  No doubt among these judges, Aira, KANAME, Alodia and Clive were in the judging team. Accompanying the judges is also a representative from Canon.

Team Drachen from Thailand wins the championship this year, cosplaying as characters from Monster Hunter while Komutoku from Indonesia takes the runner-up position and 2nd runner-up goes to The Defense Devils from Singapore.

We took some time to interview the winners from Thailand and check right on their thoughts about their cosplay in AFA X. Check it out below

Interview With Team Drachen (Thailand)

Q: What has been your greatest motivation to keep you going in cosplay ? How did you get started

A: I started when I was reading manga (Rave master) and I like the costume so much so I wanted to find a costume for it

Q: Which part of your costume is the most difficult to make ?

A: *points at black armor*, this is the most difficult to make as there are a lot of details

Q: How much did you spend ?

A: I cant remember, too many things

Q: Are both of you still students ?

A: Yes I am (girl) while he is working freelance

Q: What is your first cosplay ? (refers to guy)

A: Dante from Devil May Cry

Q: What is your favorite game ?

A: Monster Hunter!

Q: Do you find it difficult to manage to your personal time and cosplay ?

A: I will do my homework first and then when I finish, I will do my costume.

Q: What material do you use for your armor

A: Rubber foam and then I spray with paint

Q: Is this the first time in Singapore, have you went around visiting ?

A: Yes but no time to travel around

Q: What is the major cosplay event in Thailand  that you like to go ?

A: We have 3 events, Thailand Game Show, Big Festival and Oishi Cosplay, I try to visit all 3 of them if I have the time

Q: What are your cosplay plans in the future ?

A: Pokemon armor? more armor from Monster Hunter !

A big congratulations to the winners again for winning the championships of AFA Regional Cosplay Competiton. Check out the photos below for some of the moments

Chris and Zoey (Malaysia)



Bajina (Philippines)

KOS-MOS from Xenosaga 3

T-ELOS from Xenosaga 3

The Defense Devil (Singapore)

lovely costume


Komutoku (Indonesia)

scary armor..

with lots of detail

Drachen (Thailand)

another armor with detail


The Grand Prize

More photos at the gallery below, click on them for a larger version


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