Dannychoo needs no introduction amongst comrades of otaku culture, he resides in Tokyo, Japan and runs a web and TV production firm in Tokyo called Mirai Inc.

He made various appearances worldwide and you might have seen him in several collaborations with Japanese companies mainly in figurine/doll manufacturers, anime/game producers, print publishers and many more. In his recent appearance in AFA, we got a chance to sit down and have a chat with hi, beginning from his thoughts about dannychoo.com.

Interview questions are aggregated from SGCafe, Ani-culture blog and a publisher.

Q:What do you see Dannychoo.com in about 5-10 years time ?

A: I see the Internet as a medium which enables people to connect to other people  much more easily. When I was learning Japanese and interested in manga and anime in the UK, the only way i can do that is to leave my number on a bulletin board, it is not the recommended way of doing things today. In the future, we will be still using the internet as a medium but I think what I will be  focusing more of my attention on product manufacturing and also some more TV and movies.

Q: If you were to choose a favorite social networking tool, what will it be right now?

A: Twitter or facebook or both at the same time. Given the amount of users registered, it is very easy to connect to lots of people worldwide. The API make it easily to develop and connect with other users

Q: Some of your comrades admire your passion with Apple products. When or how did you started using Apple ?

A: I started use Windows machines about 10 years ago when i was in Amazon. A lot of staff was using Mac back then and I just couldn’t understand them.  Why Mac? When i left Amazon, I have to give back my laptop and since there weren’t any laptops that I wanted at that time so I decided to try out a Mac Mini.

I love the mac mini, love the Leopard OS (or was it Tiger), the Expose. I upgraded to a Powerbook and became Mac user since then.

Q: How do you take care of your musume -chan daily? (dollfie)

A: She looks after the office when i am not around, I will give a pat on her head. That will shake off any dust from her. Look at her from time to time cos they don’t like being ignored. very lovely maintainence

Q: Comrades know you like Char Siew, Siew Yok Rice, which country do you think has your favorite siew yok rice?

A: I don’t think I have eaten in many countries to be able to answer that but I remember when I was in Malaysia, there is a place known as komtar, kuala guang seah road. the old lady there does a very nice charsiew siew yok rice.

Q: It was revealed on end of September that Nitroplus will be doing a game. How did Mirai-chan end up make a mini appearance in the game ?

A: One of the most important things which I try to convey to comrades is that the society is built on relationships, especially lots of Japanese businesses is based on who you know. Lets say if I have a friend who needs a website done, I will recommend them to someone who I know. It is very rare for a Japanese company to look for a completely new partner, they will usually ask somebody. I have been friends with boss of Nitroplus for a while and we were having conversation one day and we thought it will be interesting to have Mirai in the game.

Q: How soon will we see Mirai-chan goodies from Nitroplus?

A: Think it is going to be in time in December. There will be a special airing of culture japan in 1st Jan 2011, there will be some speical Mirai-chan and Nitroplus “stuff”

Q: Any target in how much figma Mira will sell ?

A: Absolutely no idea, Mirai doesn’t have the exposure that she deserves. Next year I will be concentrating on increasing the branding and exposure for her through various means, starting with the game as well as the anime Chinka. So through this means, more folks will be able to have Mirai chan as their 2D girlfriend.

Q: What is the progress of  Chinka ?

A: I haven’t got any approval to speak openly about it  yet. We should be able to announce something at the beginning of next year.

Q: Is the distribution medium for Chinka confirmed?

A: The distribution method has not been confirmed at this time.

Q: As for culture:japan series, how did this idea came about?

A: Again, through people I knew from TokyoMX TV, we think it is a good idea to introduce Japanese culture to the world and introducing folks from around the world to Japan in a TV show which serves as medium like a bridge.

Q: What is your view on Japanese culture scene in Singapore and what should be done to promote it further?

A: I don’t think you have go out on purpose to promote it. If you like anime or any culture, share your interest with people, you will meet people of the same culture. That’s how friendships grow. If I didn’t share back then, I wouldn’t have dannychoo.com and met so many new people around the world.

Q: Will we see any plans for culture: sea or rather out of culture: japan ?

A: I think for now, I am based in Japan and surrounded Japanese pop culture. For now, I think my interest will be to concentrate on culture: japan

Q: Besides Chinka and culture:japan, is there any upcoming plans in 2011 ?

A: I am interested in making stuff. I went to a museum in Tokyo a few months ago and saw artifacts, clothes and cutlery that people made thousands of years ago. Humans have been making things throughout time, now people are buying things from the shelf so the number of people making stuff is just so limited. What I am interested in doing is to create products. It could be figurines, dolls, fashion, etc.

Q: Any big message for your fans  ?

A: Same message that I tell everyone, it is important to work as hard and as smart to realize a dream. Obstacles met are meant to be overcome.


Thank you very much Danny for your time on the interview with us and fellow comrades that day. For new folks, click here to check out his website and be amazed


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