We cant help but notice the extremely happy face of this person when he received the autograph by Kana Hanazawa on stage. So, we decided to do a short interview him on his thoughts. You bet he is very happy with the autograph even till now.

1. How about a quick introduction of yourself ?

Hi, I’m Antonio Low, 19, also known as Eclair and Saiseki online. I’ve been an otaku for about 5 years. My hobbies are drawing, watching anime and collecting figures! My favorite anime is Angel Beats!

2. What got you started into being a fan of Kana Hanazawa ?

It first started two years ago by hearing her seiyuu roles in older anime like Potemayo and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki. After hearing more of her voice in other anime, I started to like her much more and began researching about her. Kana Hanazawa is currently having her own radio program entitled “Hitori de dekiru kana?”. If you watch it, you’ll find that she is much different compared to the voices that you hear in the anime she airs in.

She is a much more energetic girl, cracking jokes and laughing a lot as compared to certain roles like Tachibana Kanade in Angel Beats or Sonohara Anri in Durarara!! where they have a more silent personality. I think the biggest factor that made me into a fan of hers is the fact that Hanazawa Kana started finding her place in the world of entertainment at an age of 12, where most of us would not have thought of our future yet.

How one at her age could be so passionate and courageous is one of the many good points I admired about her.

3. Were you surprised when you were called out to receive an autograph from Kana Hanazawa ?

I was really taken aback as I was really tired from the lack of sleep a day before the event. I actually lost all hope during the Q&A session, that was until Danny called out my name. She even came to wave at me after hearing some commotion coming from our group!

This was the same for the autograph session, until she surprised me by calling out row A for the 4th lucky person. Since half of row A was taken up by our group, I had a feeling we could make it. In the end A12 was called, I was in A9, but my friend was kind enough to give me this once in a lifetime opportunity to go up and receive her autograph! Thank you very much everyone!!

4. Any words for fellow Kana Hanazawa fans ?

I would like to thank everyone who supported Hanazawa Kana during her event at AfaX and hope that you will continue supporting her! Let us welcome her once again with all our hearts if she comes to Singapore in the future!


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