Together with a few bloggers (Ani-culture, NKDS, Bonkurasu), SGCafe interviewed Milky Holmes in AFAX,  a new seiyuu sensation by Bushiroad.

This is their first time in Singapore and we are very honored to conduct an interview with them. Although time was pressing, Bushiroad was able to spare us some time before they head for a stage performance.

For folks who are not aware of Milky Holmes, they are the seiyuu group for the anime and upcoming PSP game: Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, a story set in a futuristic world, where “Toys” exist and these “Toys” grant people superhuman abilities. Opera Kobayshi runs a detective agency and is responsible for employing detectives with such abilities to solve crimes. The 4 aspiring detectives from Milky Holmes are the lead characters in the anime

The 4 seiyuu behind Milky Holmes are:

Suzuko Mimori ( CV for Sherlock Shellingfield)

Sora Tokui (CV for Nero Yuzurizaki)

Mikoi Sasaki (CV for Hercule Barton)

Izumi Kitta (CV for Cordelia Glauca)

**CV = Character Voice

Question: How do you feel about voicing the character in the anime ?

Suzuko Mimori: The character is very energetic and by voicing the character, I feel more energetic too.

Sora Tokui: The character is very greedy, likes to eat a lot. I feel fun in voicing the character as I have that characteristic as well

Mikoi Sasaki: The character is shy which is different from who I am so it is quite fun in voicing her

Izumi Kitta : Cordelia likes to think fantasize a lot and I am somehow like this character – crazy! *laughs*

Question: If you had the toy’s powers in real life, what will you do with it ?

Suzuko Mimori: My toy can move up to 1kg, I will want to use it to move my remote control.

Sora Tokui: With that ability, I will want to play video games, so I can use the ability to hack into the game and cheat.

Mikoi Sasaki: My power is superhuman strength, it will be convinent to move things but for a girl, it may not beapproiate or even necessary.

Izumi Kitta : I am able to hear from far distances, I can use it to hear any bad things about me and destroy them

Question: This is your first time in Singapore, how do you find Singapore so far ? Is there any favorite food you tried or any thing you like about in Singapore ?

Izumi Kitta : If you read my blog, I love gyoza a lot and I love the gyoza here

Suzuko Mimori: I am very happy with the warm climate in Singapore and the humidity is fine here. Japan is cold now and I am not really good with the weather.

Sora Tokui: I went to the pool yesterday and it was very fun as I have not went to any pool this year yet.

Mikoi Sasaki: I like the greenery and trees here, especially when I step out of the airport.

Question: What or how were you inspired to be a seiyuu ?

Mikoi Sasaki: I like anime and after watching Naruto, it kind of started from there.

Sora Tokui: I am born an otaku *everyone claps* Seiyuu is the path to go

Suzuko Mimori: I have been active in musicals and I was scouted together with my dancing background to be a seiyuu

Izumi Kitta : Since I was young, I don’t really like my voice but as I grow up, I was praised with my voice hence, I decided to pursue my career with my voice

Question: What is your biggest dream in life?

Izumi Kitta : Setting up a shop selling gyoza

Mikoi Sasaki: I want to hold a live in every prefecture in Japan and the world !

Sora Tokui: I want to get on an eva and save the world !

Suzuko Mimori: I want to be fluent in English and stay in Singapore

Question: What is the challenge in voicing your character ?

Suzuko Mimori: My character is pure, straight and naive, I need to voice it that there is no second meaning in my words, that is the challenge.

Sora Tokui: During the animation, I have to stick something in somewhere and to voice my character in such a way is challenging.

Mikoi Sasaki: The anime has different scenes where she have to voice in a sexy manner, that is the most difficult part, a difference compared with the game.

Izumi Kitta : During the anime, there were scenes that I have act like an animal. This is the most challenging part in my character.

Question: What do you see yourself in 10 years time

Izumi Kitta: SEIYUU. Always, Together. Milky Holmes will continue for 10 years or even more. 1 season per year !

Suzuko Mimori: I will be a idol in Singapore, able to sing and dance and also hold a live in Singapore

Sora Tokui: Apart from a seiyuu, I will also draw manga

Mikoi Sasaki: Be a singing seiyuu in Japan

Suzuko Mimori: *points at interview sheet* Singapore Idol

Question: any difference between the psp version and the anime ?

Suzuko Mimori: Sherlock is different in the game as there is a storyline. She is playing a more serious role in the game as compared to the anime.

Sora Tokui: For the anime, there is a lot of speech but in the game, there are a lot of eating scenes for me.

Mikoi Sasaki: In the game, Kobayashi-sensei exist as compared to the anime. The affectation for the character in the game is different from the anime

Izumi Kitta : My character is about the same in both anime and game but I am more “crazy” when voicing in the anime.

Well’s that all for the interview, here is a PV on the anime, the theme song is titledis “Seikai wa Hitotsu! Janai!!” (正解はひとつ!じゃない!!)

and a PV for Milky Holmes with the song “Amegari no mirai”


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